March to Stop the Animal Indudstry: practical information

On Sunday June 18th Bite Back organizes the March to Stop the Animal Industry in Brussels. Here you can find some practical information, before our protest takes place.



Wonder which route the March will take?

It will be around 3 km, starting in front of the station Brussels-Central.

Europakruispunt – Boulevard de l’Impératrice – Boulevard Pachéco – Boulevard Jardin Botanique – Nieuwstraat – Muntplein – stop of 15 minutes on Muntplein – Kleerkoperstraat – Grasmarkt (Agora) – Infante Isabellastraat – Carrefour de l’Europe. 



Like to plan ahead? We’ve got you covered!

Bite Back will be present from 12h00, so no worries if you’re early. You can visit our info & food stalls. A purchase at our food stall will help us fund the March.

13:00 – start event
14:00 – briefing & speeches
14:30 – start March
            – performance at Muntplein
16:30 à 17:00 – return to Carrefour de l’Europe


Remember, the event starts at 13h with our info & food stalls. We kick-off at 14h with speeches and start the March at 14h30.



Who wants to be heard? Come scream for the animals! 

The voices of the animals are silenced every day. But our voices will not.

The slogans for the March can be found via this link. You can save the link or you can access it via the QR code we will provide at the event.



Of course you can always wear whatever you want. But we kindly ask you to wear red or black during the March.

We will sell our wonderful red ‘Close All Slaughterhouses’ and black ‘Bite Back’ shirts and hoodies at the Bite Back info booth. You can purchase them beforehand in our webshop



We’ll provide delicious food and refreshing drinks before and after the March. We will have plenty of delicious salads and sandwiches available, thanks to Liu Lin, Lil Bao, Greenway Foods, ‘t Kraaienest, Fresh & veggie, VZW De Snoet and MAYA seitan. Sweet tooths will have a great time: Succulente, Catberry, The Judgy Vegan – café & bar, L’Insouciance – Pâtisserie végétale, SAPPIG. and Chez Malachy will provide us with the very best cakes and cookies! Our volunteers will make some wonderful cakes and biscuits as well. (Many many thanks to our kind sponsors and volunteers for making this possible!)

We will have chilled fair trade soft drinks and a limited amount of water. Be sure to bring your own bottle of water to the March! 

Buying something to eat or drink with us? Then we are very grateful, because the sale of food & drinks will partly contribute to the cost of the March.

Please use the waste bins next to the food stalls.

Don’t forget to bring your reusable boxes for pastries!



We March for 3 km through the streets of Brussels. Our March is wheelchair accessible. We will walk slowly, as is appropriate for a protest March. If you need any assistance before, during or after the March, please ask our stewards (in the yellow vests with ‘animal crime unit’).

Before we start the March there will be a briefing and speeches. If listening is not an option for you, we will have a QR code at the Bite Back stall where you can find the spoken words in writing. 

There will be a SAFE SPACE and info point at the Bite Back booth before and after the March. If you have any questions or feel unsafe or unwell, please go to the designated area. If you experience these feelings during the March, please go to one of our stewards, they will direct you to our ‘safe space person’. Remember, no kind of hatred or violence is allowed at our March.

The March will start and finish at the Europakruispunt in Brussels, this is the square right in front of the Brussels-Central train station. We advise you to come by train or another form of public transport. Right next to the square is a park & ride, where you can drop someone off by car.

Accessible toilets can be found at Brussels Central station.

If you have any questions or tips regarding the accessibility of the event, please contact us via mail  or phone – 0487/101 201 – (available at mo-tu-we from 9h00 to 17h00). 



There will be a van in front of the March. Behind the car there will be the banners of the March, followed by activists with action material. The action material will be distributed right before the March.

Around 20 of our stewards (in the yellow vests with ‘animal crime unit’) will guide the March, together with the police. If you have questions: address the stewards. We’re walking in Brussels, in between traffic, so please stay together and respect the traffic. Do not deviate from the course of the March and follow the guidelines of our stewards.

The March is a peaceful protest. Bite Back does not condone hatred or violence of any kind. Don’t respond to provocation by bystanders, do not target individual businesses or people. We stand for the abolition of the whole animal exploitation system.


We’re looking forward to making this March to Stop the Animal Industry a success, with your help!



March to Stop the Animal Industry
18th of June 2023
Europakruispunt, Brussels (in front of the Central Station)
from 13h.

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